Tellwinndixie/survey – Get $5 Off – Winn Dixie Survey

Tellwinndixie/survey – The name of the company is Winn Dixie. Customers can provide feedback about the firm by taking the Winn-Dixie Guest Experience Survey online at


Tellwinndixie/survey – Get $5 Off – Winn Dixie Survey

Which was created by the retailer and can win prizes worth $450 gift cards. This data is used by the business to enhance several aspects, including customer service.

The business is interested in learning what works and what doesn’t. If the firm does not understand what the customers want, it cannot develop and flourish. This poll is conducted online.

By taking part in this survey, you provide the business with crucial data that they will use to improve their goods and services.

Additionally, you’ll be allowed an opportunity to join a competition to win a $450 Winn-Dixie gift card. After the conclusion of the survey, you will be asked for contact information in order to join the competition.

Winn Dixie Stores Inc., an American chain store, is ranked 24th out of the “Top 75 North American Food Retailers.” Florida serves as the corporate headquarters for Winn Dixie.

Additionally, the shops sell a variety of FMCG items, including groceries, baked goods, souvenirs, etc. Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and other states all have the Winn Dixie.


How to Take a Winn Dixie Survey

Visit the official Tellwinndixie website to take the survey. The rules and instructions that follow must be read by everyone.

A participant taking part in the survey, should be fluent in English. He or she must have a recent cash receipt since it serves as proof. Code for the Winn-Dixie survey.

Customers are required to rate the caliber of the goods, services, and hospitality, ranging from satisfied to unsatisfied.

The cleanliness of the stores, the interior design of the stores, or the behavior of the staff members can all be reviewed.

A survey taker must sincerely and honestly respond to every question. Winn-Dixie is always interested in hearing from its customers.

One must provide feedback in the customer survey part to rate the level of satisfaction with the various Winn-Dixie Stores segments.


Benefits and Rewards

A customer taking part in the survey has an amazing chance to win both the Winn-Dixie survey incentive award and the Winn-Dixie customer survey gift card.

The next time a person shops, they will receive $5 off of their next $40 or more.


  • The minimum age requirement to participate in the Winn-Dixie poll is 18.
  • A survey taker may participate throughout the allotted time.
  • One receipt can be used by one survey taker per email.
  • The receipt with invitation offers must be presented to the survey taker.
  • It is essential for a participant to have a smartphone, laptop, desktop, iPad, or other device to complete the survey.

About Winn Dixie

A significant supermarket chain with headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida, Winn-Dixie is most frequently found in the southern part of the country.

They are a very important element of many communities, operating more than 500 grocery stores mostly in four states.

This company, which is listed on the S&P 500 stock exchange, concentrates on regular grocery requirements but is also well recognized for its private-label sodas, known as Chek soda.

In Florida, Georgia, and several other Southern states, this brand is highly well-known and offers a very distinctive view of what this line of grocery shops stands for.



The information provided above on the TellWinnDixie is also entirely accurate. I compiled all of the data from the Winn Dixie Survey’s official website and provided the aforementioned explanation.

Tellwinndixie/survey FAQ’s

  • What are Winn- Dixie’s contact details and business hours?

Answer- Winn-Dixie may be reached at 904 783 5000. The customer service team is on call around-the-clock. Anytime a client needs assistance, the Winn-Dixie staff is there to help.

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